3 Backyard Wedding Themes You're Going to Love

3 Backyard Wedding Themes You’re Going to Love

3 Backyard Wedding Themes You’re Going to Love

How would you spend $35,000? Would you put a sizable down payment on your future home or travel the world? Some are choosing to spend that much on the pricey 24-hour experience that has become the American wedding. The Knot released its 10th annual The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study, revealing that the average cost of a wedding is at an all-time high of $35,329.  Spending more money won’t make your ceremony memorable; in fact, you can use a more modest budget toward your wedding and still be able to make it a day to remember. Backyard weddings are a great way of doing just that, here are some great backyard wedding ideas to help you plan your big day while maintaining a modest budget.


Backyard weddings almost demand a bohemian theme. In the fresh air, you can offer an earthy vibe by showcasing natural elements. This budget-friendly option takes advantage of the flowers you already have and serve local produce at the reception.  The trick to choosing a bohemian theme is keeping everything simple. Use subtle accessories to enhance the natural beauty of the outdoors, such as string lights, candle-lit lanterns and repurposed vintage décor. Keep your flowers bright and your accents rustic. Consider dedicating specific areas to mindfulness lounging. Place some bohemian furniture throughout the backyard, layer them with throws, and place some rugs on the ground and enjoy the festivities of the day while being surrounded by nature.


Farms, barns and ranches are venues that are increasing in popularity according to The Knot. Forty-eight percent of couples have expressed a yearning for these specific backdrops. Make the big day as spirited as possible with farm-inspired décor. Use haystacks draped with fabric for seating at the ceremony and add in some wood elements such as tree stumps. Decorate the trees with photos of the bride and groom, hang strings of sparkling lights, and cross your fingers for good weather. It may not be traditional, but in this setting, a BBQ would be ideal. Have a beef and veggie burger bar with plenty of side dishes to keep everyone happy. Wheelbarrow drink stations throughout the space will keep guests hydrated and add a rustic touch.


Although the summer months are still a popular season for sharing vows, fall has claimed the top spot. The Knot reported that fall weddings make up for 40 percent of all ceremonies, with September and October tied for the most slots. One of the reasons for fall’s increasing popularity may be that the season offers so many options for décor. Fall elements include pumpkins, squash, pine cones, twigs, foliage and more. All of these décor items can be found for free, or at minimal cost.  The weather can be unpredictable in this season, so the key to a successful fall wedding is to ensure everyone’s comfort. Line hay bales with plaid blankets for people to cozy up on, rent exterior heaters and add in a s’mores station. Speaking of sustenance, think apple cider and sangria, mashed potatoes and turkey, chicken skewers and salads, marshmallow and sweet potatoes, and of course, a candy table full of fall treats – candy apples, freshly baked pies, cheese and wine, candy corn and more.

Weddings don’t have to cost a fortune to be beautiful. With these simple backyard wedding themes, you can reduce your budget and put the savings toward your future family home.

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